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Asso. PROF. Cheng-Hao Chuang 


Welcome to the Advanced Energy Materials Laboratory.

We are interested in the fundamental mechanism of nanoscale energy materials under the study of synchrotron technology. The project in our lab is primarily involved with the interaction between the in-situ electrochemistry and X-ray technology/microscopy in material science. 

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Call for Students!!

WE are looking for the undergraduate, master, Ph.D students in the area of materials science projects.


Core targets 核心目標:

1. How to to solve the synthesis, chemical, physical property of nano-scaled energy materials?  奈米能源材料合成與檢定

2. What is the unknown topics among various energy materials? 能源材料還缺少什麼?

3. How to demonstrate your unique research? 如何表達研究獨特性

Tranning points 訓練重點:

Literature reading and thinking, independent brain-to-hand ability, scientific writing, software writing/working, scientific competition


Common questions 一般性問題:

1. How to advise? 老師如何指導我?

Group meeting for once a week, and the rest time depending on your schedule. You will control your own schedule and I am loving to help you in anytime.


2. Do I need anything background? 我需要什麼背景知識嗎?

No. please start here to learn anything. 不用。老師期望你從這邊開始學習。

3. Am I suitable in the Lab? 我適合這個實驗室嗎?

We are opening the Lab door for the people, who would like to learn the physical and chemical knowledge with the self-inspired interests. Not for the time-waste people. 


4. How do I connect you? 我要如何聯繫老師呢?

Write the email to me ( I will reply you in one day.    



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